Help and Information

Here you can find information on how to stream and how to configure the common programs such as Xsplit and OBS.

For OBS you need to click on the Settings button and go to the Stream tab and set the Stream URL "rtmp://" and Stream Key "Guest" which is your username.
In the Output Tab set the settings you wish, this is limited by your upload speed but for most people around 2K or 3K is enough.
You will need the following Information to stream, RTMP URL "rtmp://", Stream Name: "Guest" which is your username.
Bitrate is best between 2K or 3K but you'd have to test this to see if your internet connection can handle it.
An issue has been found with your account, please try logging out from the forum and logging back in, this will update your last used IP and you should be able to start streaming, if this issue keeps popping up and you've tried logging out and back in a few times please ask Iratu.
(Logs will be checked to see if you actually logged out and back in.)
To hide the chat background, use the following url: ""