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Help and Information

Here you can find information on how to stream and how to configure the common programs such as Xsplit and OBS.

# Terms of Service/Rules
# What settings do I need to stream?
# How to upload / use the gallery
# I can't view streams on Internet explorer, Safari or MS Edge.
# Staff List
# How can I send an automated stream started announcement to my Discord server?
# List of Chat Commands.
# List of Icons used in chat.
# Chat URL for OBS/Xsplit
# API Endpoints undocumented only use if you know how to handle it.

# Terms of Service/Rules

These rules are not comprehensive, if you are not sure about what is allowed, ask a moderator first on the pomf chat. Do not test our boundaries
  1. Don't stream or post children in a barely dressed, provocative or sexy manner. If you are unsure if we allow certain content, please check with the staff (list). Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban or a single warning, depending on the content.
  2. You need to be at least 18 to stream/view content on this website. If we find out that you are underage, you will be banned.
  3. Don't stream or post real-life gore/murders. This means don't stream dead people or self-harm. This site is not for that stuff.
  4. All content sexualizing real, individual children is prohibited, including video/photo edits, streams that encourage the sharing of media containing children, as well as glorifying or discussing experiences of real child abuse/pornography/modeling.
    In general, streaming videos of children for the sake of streaming videos of children is considered sexualization.
    Note: This rule does not prohibit streaming movies with child actors, just make sure they're not naked or skimpily dressed. If you're streaming a movie and your viewers start sexualizing the child actors, stop them and delete the messages. Failure to do so will result in your stream being shut down.
  5. Sharing account information to share illegal materials off-site will result in a permanent ban.
    The following chat services will result in a immediate ban upon sending an ID of that service. Session, Tox and Wickr (More can be added later)
  6. Don't upload photos/gifs of real children anywhere on Pomf, including (but not limited to) stream images, avatars, profile images or the helpdesk.
  7. Online games like VRChat: Avoid lewd behavior in public servers. Notify others if streaming, or use a clear indicator. Verify participants are adults before any mature actions, preferably in private channels or worlds
  8. Photorealistic AI works (those which could possibly be mistaken for a real photograph) sexualizing children are forbidden, even if the pictured individual is not real. Images will be dealt with assuming they are real if it cannot be conclusively determined to be fake.
    Note: In rare cases this rule may also apply to 3D renders and cropped photographs of dolls. If you are unsure, ask a staff member beforehand.
  9. To be allowed to stream 24 hours you must have -something- going on, be it a movie or series or game. if you stream basically nothing (for example streaming while asleep and nothing going on, just a still image) it'd be considered a waste of data and be locked out of streaming until you wake up / return
  10. Gallery specific: Do not upload any real images, this gallery is for 2D/3D art, not for real life images pornographic or not.

More to follow -someday-

Side Note: We do not police what you do outside of Pomf or its connected services. This is too much for us to verify and easy to impersonate. We only enforce rules broken on this website, the chats or any website linking to this rule page. We can punish for harassing our users but only if enough evidence of harassment is provided.

# What settings do I need to stream?

For OBS you need to click on the Settings button and go to the Stream tab and set the RTMP url to one of those below, please pick the one that works best for you.

EU1 RTMP URL "rtmp://"
US1 - Las Vegas RTMP URL "rtmp://"
US2 - New York RTMP URL "rtmp://"
US3 - Miami RTMP URL "rtmp://"
Asia1 - Japan RTMP URL "rtmp://"
Asia2 - Singapore RTMP URL "rtmp://"

Stream Key/Name "Guest_nYHWMe" which is your username.

In the Output Tab set the settings you wish, You should start at 500 bitrate and increase it but you'd have to test this to see if your internet connection can handle it.

# I can't view streams on Internet explorer, Safari or MS Edge.

We do not support old browsers, please upgrade to Firefox, Opera or Chrome, those are the browsers that are most tested and used. The newest version of Edge based on Chromium should behave similarly to Google Chrome.

# How to upload / use the gallery

# Staff List

# How can I send an automated stream started announcement to my Discord server?

To use this you will have to create a Webhook follow the steps below to do this.

In the server you click the server's name at the very top above all the rooms on the left and select "Server settings" On the left select "Webhooks" and click "Create Webhook" In the "Name" box set the name of the bot i.e. Pomf Announcer" Select the channel you want the bot to posts in from the pull down menu under "Channel" Webhook Icon is it's avatar After you have all that how you want it click "copy" next to the "Webhook URL" Now go to website Click your name/avatar in the upper right and select "Stream Settings" Scroll down and paste the url under "Discord Webhook" and click Submit

# List of Chat Commands.


User roles can be set on the "Stream - User" settings page
  • /clear - Clears the screen.
  • /mod [target] - Grants moderation powers.
  • /unmod [target] - Removes moderation powers.

Streamer & Moderator

  • /ban [target] - Bans a user.
  • /unban [target] - Unbans a user.
  • /kick [target] - Kicks the user.
  • /mute [target] - Mutes the user, they will be unable to use chat.
  • /unmute [target] - Unmuted the user.
  • /raid [streamer] - Raid streamer after 20 seconds. Only works for online streams.
  • /sticky - Set a sticky MotD message for the stream.


  • /ignore [target] - Ignore the user.
  • /unignore [target] - Removes the user from your ignore list.
  • /tableflip - Flips a table.
  • /unflip - Puts the table back where it belongs.
  • /shrug - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • /roll [number] - Roll a die between 1 and the number you specified. If empty, it chooses 100. The result will be shown to everyone in chat.


  • /clip - Saves a clip of the last minute of the stream. Streamers can change their clip permissions on their settings page.

# List of Icons used in chat.

Site Admin/Overlord/Iratu
Site moderator
Stream Moderator

# Chat URL for OBS/Xsplit

Load in the browser plugin on OBS/xsplit: Add the following CSS to make the background transparent
NEW!: Viewer list

# API Endpoints undocumented only use if you know how to handle it.