Vistarrr : 3TB drives start at 80 EUR here, 4TB at 105 EUR.

Vistarrr : If you want RAID 1, you have to double the expenses to get the same TB of space + the NAS enclosure itself :p

Vistarrr : 2TB drives start at 65 EUR, that's the smallest I'd go

Knossos : I'll be back soonish~

Vistarrr : alrighty :)

Vistarrr : But if/when you are a hoarder, not even the largest drive will last you forever :p

uiowebae : i perfure the turn arciver

uiowebae : ture

uiowebae : anywys it seems rim world works just fine

uiowebae : only real thing to besdies play a full game is to build a few nukes and blow everything up in celebraton

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