5 months ago Knossos : lewds

5 months ago squirrelly-sama : game crash

5 months ago squirrelly-sama : back

5 months ago squirrelly-sama : that'll be it

5 months ago squirrelly-sama : back with some more Kaede

4 months ago squirrelly-sama : gonna call it quits for now

3 months ago squirrelly-sama : Got the game half off on steam sale, so wanted to try it out

3 months ago squirrelly-sama : really glad i didn't pay full price

3 months ago squirrelly-sama : not worth the 20 bucks, but definitely not worth it's original price

3 months ago squirrelly-sama : damn zombies just soak up bullets, it doesn't even feel like the strongest attacks do shit

Currently playing: School Girl Zombie Hunter

Other games
Touhoumon 1.8 Reloaded. Nuzlocke

Using the brand new version of Touhoumon Puppet Play, the Reloaded version which was updated on the original hosting site for the first time in 5 years this past december. I've played the game years ago but I can barely recall much of it. The game itself is very different from the pokemon game it patches, not only by using touhou characters but also implements a lot of new mechanics.

Special/Physical Split
New Typing
Alternate Evolution methods

I'll be doing a Nuzlocke challenge as well, with some altered rules
1) Core Nuzlocke Rules apply; Only capture the first pokemon on a route, Name them,  fainting is death, black out is GAME OVER.
2) In  battle use of items is allowed
3) Cannot switch pokemon between KOs
4) No PC unless 100% required, going to try and stick to just 6 pokemon.

Reserved for ?

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