32 minutes ago mr.32 : I want her to feel a bit of resistance at each step, but she does it in the end anyway

30 minutes ago Solus : oooo idea

30 minutes ago markrod20 : Yeah i think this is the best in Tanya she have a common sense and experience of a man that is why she can approach thing realy different and that just make her womanization more fun i think

30 minutes ago Solus : in one of the chat bubbles

30 minutes ago Solus : she can be like damn you being x

30 minutes ago Solus : making me do this to survive

29 minutes ago mr.32 : That is not a bad idea, although i feel that might be somewhat implied in this situation

26 minutes ago mr.32 : I want to stay away from using words a bit, since its a pain to have to translate between JP and EN

26 minutes ago mr.32 : Not that I am afraid, I want to see if I can tell a story through imagery in this case

25 minutes ago markrod20 : i think that is the best

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