5 days ago Scottykat : We both have one. Mines a rat girl with red hair

5 days ago mercuryfox : is the stream still online or is it just not working for me ?

5 days ago Scottykat : Its werking

5 days ago leosaeta : man I have no motivation tonight

5 days ago leosaeta : I think that I need to work on something else for a bit

5 days ago BlueShark : helows. how is the drawing going

5 days ago leosaeta : I ended the stream since I just wasn't feeling it tonight

5 days ago BlueShark : oh low on motivation. :( i guss you have to feel warm to make thease worme drawings🌡

5 days ago BlueShark : night then. cant wate to see it next time

5 days ago huebris : thanks for streamin

I draw pillows

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