49 minutes ago Tugs : I'm back! :)

48 minutes ago SirBrownBurrr : wb

48 minutes ago leosaeta : I'm gonna wrap this up so I can play some overwatch with a friend before he goes to bed

47 minutes ago rooshoes : one of these days i'll catch you at the beginning of a stream

47 minutes ago Tugs : Hopefully I can too!

47 minutes ago SirBrownBurrr : ditto~

47 minutes ago soggymaster : meow, hi, i saw a mention of me from earlier... i do not use twitter.

47 minutes ago soggymaster : i apologize for lurking, been a busy night for me

47 minutes ago SirBrownBurrr : tanks for streamin

22 minutes ago Guest_44230 : dan 6691 here from Inkbunny

I draw pillows

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