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I know no one reads this, but I draw gay shit. Shota specifically with a focus on foot fetish usually. I dislike most furry stuff. I don't do requests, but I do have cheap prices for commissions. If that’s not enough of a warning keep reading.

Most of the time I stream games because streaming helps with handling my depression. So I'm not joking when I say there isn't anything to see here most of the time since I know everyone wants to see shota and loli or furry.

Thanks for stopping in regardless. Microphone is on.

I do offer monthly subscribers and donators a chance to win a game of their choice from a list of hundreds of game codes I have, along with the ability to choose what games I stream next when it comes to the gaming streams! Be sure to check the Twitch channel for the link on that.

If you're still here then I can see your messages and have my bot read them if you pop into the sites linked below... Not to say I'm not here reading them, but it makes it easier on me.


1: Be cool (Don't be rude. If someone is being rude the ignore button exists for a reason)
2: Be chill (No offensive talk or posts unless otherwise stated. Everyone and everything is an equal opportunity thing to make fun of, but remember it's all in jest)
3: Be awesome (18+)
4: To reiterate rule 1, act your age. That means, no misogyny, racism, sexism... You name it. Everyone has problems, but doesn't mean it's an excuse for any drama. Keep drama away from the chat. I'm not afraid to time out and ban if I have to.
5: Stream sites aren't for hooking up. Please don't be a fucking creep and ask if I or anyone is naked, don't talk about me or anyone in a sexual way that comes off as fucking creeperino. Stop being a simp.


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