1 week ago comjuke : i guess so

1 week ago doodleburr : Huh?

1 week ago Krue : you're not invisible to me

1 week ago Kyuubi318 : well that is one lovely sight to stroll on into

1 week ago Krue : i return!

1 week ago Krue : ah, so my stream was frozen ;p

1 week ago Krue : comjuke left i see ;2;

1 week ago Krue : ;w; *

1 week ago doodleburr : Might have to end here for the night, may come back later if time permits.

1 week ago doodleburr : I'll see you guys a bit later. :)

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Hi, I'm Kuma. I draw stuff. Smol cute stuff. The end.


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