2 weeks ago Ioli : wow, so because he liked a fictional Japanese hentai genre, he was ostracized?

2 weeks ago djonskin : Yep.

2 weeks ago djonskin : Not necessarily always having to be hentai either, mind you. Shows like Doraemon sure liked their naked kids.

2 weeks ago Ioli : I use hentai to encapsulate everything perverted unless they really like to say echii to

2 weeks ago Ioli : and wow what in the world is this game

2 weeks ago djonskin : Streets of Rage 2 hacked out as Mortal Kombat CX

2 weeks ago Ioli : i've never heard either of these games but it looks gory D: (just not something im used to). but im super sick and delusional so it's like hypnotizing me and i can't look away

2 weeks ago djonskin : Dang! Guess that's all for now folks! I think when I'm gearing up in the future to end streams I'll dedicate some half hour segment to some oddity Yoni cooked up and call it the half hour appreciation or some such. Later!

5 days ago djonskin : I guess that's why it pays to play-test! Geez those tiles just freaked OUT!

5 days ago djonskin : Yoni half-hour appreciation over! Later, folks!

Showing off the current public release build of Streets of Gape 2. A playthrough as Foxy Roxy and some possible messing around with playing as some enemies. Followed of course by the Yoni Half Hour of Appreciation, dedicated to his knowledge that attempted to further the SoR2 hacking community.

Grab it here at FA and Inkbunny!
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