2 months ago djonskin : I think they definitely did it from a place of love as a throwback look, it was just mostly superficial and seemingly happened to have naked lolis in there.

2 months ago captialism : Looks more like a trial project. Like a first attempt of the dev who wanted to try programing a game

2 months ago djonskin : I think they claimed future versions were to be coming out, but shoddy translation, couldn't really say definitively.

2 months ago djonskin : Hitting a runtime error! Man, truly sorry if anyone got vested. This is why Lara Croft is more popular now that she looks different and got rid of tank controls.

2 months ago StrangeNPC : https://www.patreon.com/podunion

2 months ago StrangeNPC : I wonder how long he will be on before getting nuked xDDDD

2 months ago StrangeNPC : fuckin christ

2 months ago djonskin : Nuked for what? Everything adult rated was flagged as such.

2 months ago djonskin : Anyway, stream's obviously over for now, but one never knows. I get super stubborn when it comes to them Tomb Raider games, so I may revisit it streaming (if the arrow room goes away) ...

2 months ago djonskin : And that's PODophiliac, not PEDO, you goober!

Appealing to POMF's aesthetic, and enjoying myself at the same time! Who knew?

Check out our Patreons! First has furry feet and foot fetishism, and one has furry games! Both rather erotic! {{
Podophiliac Game Union}}, and {{Ultimate RoR.}} See ya on the furrious side!

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