2 days ago cetarn : im gonna render the video and render 2 still images, the first frame and the Deep inside frame

2 days ago cetarn : and maybe finish that damn beach scene

2 days ago Mayla : :)

2 days ago cetarn : i need to finish a lot of stuff

2 days ago Mayla : I´m off now.. cya all :)

2 days ago cetarn : damn i have a lot of scenes that only need the final touches

2 days ago cetarn : bye

2 days ago Mayla : cu :)

2 days ago cetarn : so people are still here? afk i bet (:

2 days ago cetarn : you know, i heard your nose gets bigger when you afk.

Welcome to The Procastination Station

I am a beginner 3D hobbyist, trying to learn more about 3D

Feel free to ask any questions, or give me any hints/pointers/ideas

I usually mess around in DAZ or Play video games, mostly Skyrim and Fallout.

My streams don't follow a schedule

The latest render from a stream: "Streamer girl gets a questionable request"

This is most likely going to be redone. primarily the skin, it could be improved. Making it was fun, and thats what matters the most to me.

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