2 weeks ago cetarn : k, cya

2 weeks ago cetarn : goodnight

2 weeks ago Jackal : hope I'll see your next stream

2 weeks ago cetarn : yeah, its kinda random. before yesterday i had been a month

2 weeks ago cetarn : Crash

2 weeks ago NakedLettuce : GM all C:

2 weeks ago cetarn : hey

2 weeks ago NakedLettuce : Starting the morning off right with a bath eh lol

2 weeks ago cetarn : yea

2 weeks ago cetarn : well, im gonna end the stream. theres some stuff i need to do.

Feel free to ask any questions, or if you have a request just ask.

Welcome to The Procrastination Station

I am a beginner 3D hobbyist, trying to learn more about 3D

I usually mess around in DAZ or Play video games, mostly Skyrim and Fallout.

My streams don't follow a schedule

A render from an earlier stream: "Streamer girl gets a questionable request"

On the right side of the laptop there was supposed to be a phone. but i must have deleted it by mistake.

i dont have a gallery anywhere. yet.

Reserved for ?

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