1 day ago captialism : Well this is where I stop

1 day ago Guest_37246 : Thanks for streaming! :-)

1 day ago captialism : I gotta sleep for a bit and go out early

1 day ago Guest_37246 : I had fun, I'll be returning for sure

1 day ago Guest_37246 : So sleep tight and have a great day!

1 day ago captialism : if you make an account you can subscribe and get email notifications when I stream

1 day ago Guest_68206 : Good idea, thanks

1 day ago Merridy : Aaand done.

1 day ago Merridy : *steals PC specs for 'things that will never happen'*

2 minutes ago captialism : If you're going that route, do yourself a favor and get an i7

I stream Skyrim mostly. Feel free to ask me anything relating to my mods and mods I use in my game.

And if the stream starts having issues, tell me. Subscribe by clicking the heart Icon on the top for email notifications for when I stream!

My PC Specs:

My follower mod:

I also share screenshots and videos of my girls on the forums sometimes.

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