1 month ago gingerbreadman : Not to mention you can't be content with just one site to handle all your promote

1 month ago gingerbreadman : promotion*

1 month ago gingerbreadman : I haven't seen you much besides pixiv, imagine all the people who don't know about you as is!

1 month ago gingerbreadman : Mah, artists livce and die based on their influence and audience, so if you're fine with a small crowd then so be it

1 month ago gingerbreadman : live*

1 month ago VoilaVoilou : yup

1 month ago BadPlace : oi

1 month ago VoilaVoilou : i have to leave guys, sorry for leaving so soon

1 month ago VoilaVoilou : sorry badplace

1 month ago BadPlace : it's okay

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This stream is for watching cool movies and chatting about them while i draw lolis all day. Let's have a good time. :>

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