1 day ago FairySlayer : With how wonderfully you draw lips, I can understand wanting to put them to such delicious use.

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : i wanna draw the dick sucking not just a tip smooch

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : but ive never done that i think

1 day ago FairySlayer : I often imagine that the kisses are intermediate smooches between deep throatings - a sure sign that she's really enjoying doing it.

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : yeahhh

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : i wish i had the courage to 3d model her and do it like those boys doing overwatch 3d porn in SFM

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : ill stream some games before drawing other things if you guys are into that

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : actually internet is die ill stop the stream now .s

1 day ago VoilaVoilou : :s

1 day ago FairySlayer : All right, I hope to catch you later - I hope the Internet starts being nicer to you. :)

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This stream is for watching cool movies and chatting about them while i draw lolis all day. Let's have a good time. :>

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