6 hours ago Gobothedeer : Aaah

6 hours ago SmogProf : i should be able to send you an update tomorrow

6 hours ago Gobothedeer : Well you gotta take some time for yourself. Gotta get some sleep

6 hours ago Gobothedeer : Is the the various designs for the machine?

6 hours ago SmogProf : thanks, i slept really badly. it was a full moon too. go figure

6 hours ago SmogProf : yeah

6 hours ago Gobothedeer : Looking forward to seething those designs and making a selecction.

5 hours ago SmogProf : let's post

5 hours ago SmogProf : Thanks for tuning in!

5 hours ago SmogProf : https://baraag.net/web/statuses/101790754165138937

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