2 days ago PreciousRat : May be time to take a break to cook.

2 days ago TiredAnon : okie

2 days ago TiredAnon : you are doing great btw

2 days ago PreciousRat : YOURE GREAT

2 days ago PreciousRat : I just wanna get this shit done.

2 days ago TiredAnon : understandable

2 days ago PreciousRat : Will have to run it by the commissioner.

2 days ago PreciousRat : But its ready to shade and finish up now.

2 days ago PreciousRat : Alrighty, off I go for now, gonna make myself that super burg.

2 days ago PreciousRat : And check laundry.

Home of all cute and small things.

Only here to draw cute stuff! And sometimes some not cute stuff~

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