I wonder What time it is...

Hey there, I guess its time to get sleazy and draw some porn. If your new to my stream I am Poulet. I draw a lot of very naughty things. Some of the things i draw tend to give people a shame boner. With that said, if you don't like it, you don't have to watch.

Stream Rules!

To those that are new and would like a sketch, I have a couple of rules.

  • No skat, vomit, or extreme violent Rape.

  • If you want a Loli or shota drawing. NO real reffs of children or people yo know.

  • I don't mind gore, but i don't do sexual gore or necrophilia.

  • Beyond that, I'm pretty cool with just about anything. If you have any questions, just PM me and ill try and get back to you asap.

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