5 days ago Mukuro : but I have to pause

5 days ago Mukuro : if I could NOT pause I would but I need to sleep for tomorrow.

5 days ago lemmingway : ::holds up a sign, "S'okay. Night, night."::

5 days ago Mukuro : thank you for hanging with me, I'll be back in two months to try and beat this

5 days ago Mukuro : I might stream other things but this game has to wait, sucks.

5 days ago Mukuro : night night

5 days ago Mukuro : Thanks for sticking with me.

5 days ago Mukuro : Take care, and hopefully I can stream SOMETHING in Japan.

5 days ago Mukuro : But otherwise...

5 days ago Mukuro : until later on! :) Appreciate you!



Hello there! I am Mukuro, the creator of the site "The Carnal Kingdom". 

I do 3d art and writing and stuff for my site, but I also stream!

I often stream +18 content, whether it be from hentai games, working on 3d art or whatever.

But recently, I have been streaming normal games during the weekdays. Even though its not hentai, hopefully it will be enjoyable to you, regardless of what I stream.

So here is a list of what I am currently playing:

"VenusBlood Lagoon"(?) -"TES: Skyrim (Pervy Teen Edition)" - "Pathfinder: Kingmaker" - "Four Elements Trainer"  - "Dragon Age: All Games" and more!!

If you are a hentai creator, feel free to email/message me about playing your game.

I normally come on around 3:30pm/4:00pmEST - 5:00pm/5:15pmEST during the weekdays.

The weekends will almost always be on Sunday, but sometimes I'll stream on Saturday too!

Hope you all enjoy and have fun!

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