1 day ago Mukuro : sucks

1 day ago Rollurk : On the plus side, great transition imgae

1 day ago Rollurk : *image

1 day ago Mukuro : finishing up with this game

1 day ago Mukuro : less sex, but still sexy?

1 day ago Mukuro : we'll see

1 day ago Mukuro : GN all, sorry for the shorter stream

1 day ago Mukuro : gotta run

1 day ago Mukuro : take care :)

1 day ago Mukuro : heading out for the night. gn and take care :)


Hello and WELCOME to my stream!!!

Hello there! I am Mukuro, the creator of the site "The Carnal Kingdom". 

I do 3d art and writing and stuff for my site, but I also stream!

I often stream +18 content, whether it be from hentai games, working on 3d art or whatever.

But recently, I have been streaming normal games during the weekdays. Even though its not hentai, hopefully it will be enjoyable to you, regardless of what I stream.

So here is a list of what I am currently playing:

VenusBlood Lagoon -The Secret World: Legends - Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Four Elements Trainer - OKAMI HD - Disgaea 5 and more!!

If you are a hentai creator, feel free to email me about playing your game.

I normally come on around 3:30pm/4:00pmEST - 5:00pm/5:15pmEST during the weekdays.

The weekends will almost always be on Sunday, but sometimes I'll stream on Saturday too!

Hope you all enjoy and have fun!

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