Rollurk : This bright pink background

Kyuubi318 : yo

Rollurk : Man, the background kind of hurts my eyes for this game...

Mukuro : Sorry about that, not sure how to change it

Mukuro : but otherwise its fun

Mukuro : gonna pause for the night

Mukuro : GN everybody, thanks for stopping by

Rollurk : Take care. Have a good night!

Rollurk : Have a good one!

Mukuro : Thanks! gn everyone :) take care and thanks for stopping by!


Hello and WELCOME to my stream!!!

Hello there! I am Mukuro, the creator of the site "The Carnal Kingdom". 

I do 3d art and writing and stuff for my site, but I also stream!

I usually stream +18 content, whether it be from hentai games, working on 3d art or whatever. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable to you, regardless of what I stream.

So far I am looking for more hentai games to play. Currently, I am playing:

VenusBlood Brave -The Secret World: Legends -DOA: Xtreme Venus Vacation! - Four Elements Trainer - OKAMI HD - Disgaea 5 and more!!

But I hope to find more translated games to show off. If I can, I'll even contact game creators to see if I can tease their games on the weekend!

I normally come on around 3:30pm/4:00pmEST - 5:00pm/5:15pmEST during the weekdays.

The weekends will usually be on Sunday, but sometimes I'll stream on Saturday too!

I plan on using my voice eventually to get used to streaming. But for now, just typing to you all.

Hope you all enjoy and have fun!

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