4 days ago Candycock : night all

4 days ago Ninsegado91 : thanks for the stream MS

4 days ago Koyol : Night all

4 days ago SScloud : yeah it's literally almost 10pm in 4 mins. So yeah, goodnight MS!!

4 days ago Ninsegado91 : night dudes

4 days ago SScloud : Oh yeah next ep is Andrew Francis.. hehe

4 days ago SScloud : *saw the thumbnail*

4 days ago Koyol : Looks like s3 IS confirmed

4 days ago Artista-AF : g'night guys

3 days ago Koyol : MS forgot to switch OBS to Picarto. No stream here https://picarto.tv/MegaSweet

This stream contains material related to 2D lolicon and shotacon. 

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