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I am a beginner to Clip Studio Paint and Daz3D and primary do any kind of loli art.

You will find my upcoming work on baraag in the near future too.

- My baarag account -

I reworked and manipulated real photos with Photoshop for a few years before I´ve bought Clip Studio to learn to draw my own images. Most time I need to use templates for my drawings, because I´m not as good in drawing proportions or creating poses free hand, but I´m currently try to improve my skill in this.

I became aware of Daz3D as I´ve looked for a software to generate poses by myself as a template to use for my drawings, to no longer need to use poses from photos, to become more freedom in getting poses.

Feel free to ask, if you like to know something about me or my work. I am also open for any kind of constructive criticism and tips.

I´ve finished a part of my Lucy comic with Daz3D not long ago and these are my first renders at all. This is the cover of it I had created with Daz and Clip.

Link to my comic on ATF

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