LushLuv2k : it's going alright, trying to get an ENB setup

LushLuv2k : for the first time ever

LushLuv2k : i honestly have no clue what im doing but trial and error is always fun

LushLuv2k : Ending the stream for now guys, gonna try to mess with this a bit later, no luck on getting the ENB working properly yet

uiowebae : yo

uiowebae : its safe to say im the only one who hates sims 4 compare to say 1-3

uiowebae : (again i really should play frist 3 sim games just out of spite(

uiowebae : @Iratu

Iratu : Nice

LushLuv2k : gonna end the stream here for now guys, thx for stopping in

Will mostly be streaming Sims 4 + Skyrim stuff

Reserved for ?

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