9 hours ago DKXG : Yeah. I mean there is blood and some slight grotesque visuals...but nothing "ryona" happens to the MC

9 hours ago LunarHyrule : odd

9 hours ago LunarHyrule : lol i cant stay focused lol

9 hours ago LunarHyrule : so im calling it early

9 hours ago DKXG : lol

9 hours ago LunarHyrule : i think i pushed it too hard at work honestly

9 hours ago DKXG : uio is going to outlast oyu

9 hours ago LunarHyrule : lol he can have this one XD

9 hours ago DKXG : Lol

9 hours ago LunarHyrule : normally streaming longer wouldn't be a issue lol. but going from workng produce to grocery, ( large fucking pallets of juice and other bulk items)

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