1 week ago Guest_96110 : interesting. you got any specific models like from which franchises?

1 week ago Lizendy : I have plenty of models but only a few are loli. I have alice form Detroit Become Human, and Clementine from Walking Dead.

1 week ago Guest_96110 : any that look cartoony?

1 week ago Guest_96110 : or anime ish?

1 week ago Lizendy : Not really. I try to make more realistic characters for the most part. Unless you count Ruby from RWBY.

1 week ago Guest_96110 : you got female pokemon trainers?

1 week ago Lizendy : No sorry, I don't/

1 week ago Kyuubi318 : now that is a lovely strap on she has

1 week ago Lizendy : Sorry for the freeze up I should have known better then to render on stream.

1 week ago Lizendy : Thanks for watching guys I'm still trying to get used to streaming.

Just doin some posin and animating stuff in Blender.

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