3 days ago Revvamp : Don't sweat it man

3 days ago Revvamp : I don't think your Mic is coming through, inless that was intentional

3 days ago Revvamp : unless*

2 days ago Revvamp : I'll let you get to it man, you have a good rest of your night.

2 days ago Lazulite : thanks

2 days ago Lazulite : see yall in a while

2 days ago Lazulite : ill send yall off wth we dont give a fuck

2 days ago Lazulite : or maybe oibs will crash

2 days ago Lazulite : man obs hates me today

2 days ago Lazulite : well tonight

playing some minceraft.

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not sponsored just love the game

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every day from 8pm pst till 11pm pst or later

pre-stream waiting period begins 15 minutes before the stream

post stream yapping for 15-30min after the stream

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