Whackyart : But I'm thinking too far into the future, with producing it and all. I still have a lot to learn.

Whackyart : How's your "artist journey" coming along, kit?

Kit : Artist journey?

Whackyart : Yeah, artist journey. Are you studying anything, are you making a lot of new artwork, did you make anything you are really proud of or are you painting something you are proud of? How is 'being an artist' going?

Whackyart : I guess to be more specific: are you struggling with anything or did you find life changing advice that inevitably made your artwork bettrr

Whackyart : I'm asking just to ask. It's all good if you don't want to say.

Kit : I can't really think of anything specific...

Kit : Apart from drawing what I like over the past twenty years

Whackyart : Oh, good. It's great you're still enjoying making art

Kit : Yeah, that's the only reason I do it

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