52 minutes ago raseren : threw them into the tree

51 minutes ago Cregon : i bet that person is still there so he could watch him climb the tree and fetch them

51 minutes ago Cregon : maybe even lick his ass while he's climbing

50 minutes ago Guest_26951 : phone camra for later viewing/blackmail material

39 minutes ago HalcyonWinter : Gotta go! Thank you for watching! I'll be back tomorrow for some more sketch commissions.

38 minutes ago HalcyonWinter : Have a good night!

38 minutes ago MiniOrange : nite

38 minutes ago Cregon : goodnight

38 minutes ago Guest_26951 : night :3

38 minutes ago Dreamy : thanks for streaming hal :D

A NSFW artist - Just a blue doggo. Draw a lot of furry. In particular male cub characters, sometimes females. On the rare occasion I'll draw shota. Pretty chill, don't do drama. No discussion about politics or religion please. Adults only, obviously - 18+

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