2 days ago uiowebae : fate extra she can take on any form of the persons favort nursery rhyme so took on the fourm of alice (her masters at the time of fate extra fav book) so ya its her offcal name

2 days ago Goophilia : that's pretty cool

2 days ago uiowebae : it also sad chapter if you know back story and such

2 days ago Goophilia : alrighty i'm very tired. i'll stop for now

2 days ago uiowebae : Her real name is unknown. When she was young, she lived in England. Before Alice passed away, a foreign army invaded her country. In an air raid at the end of World War II she was gravely injured and her remaining days were said to be numbered, and ended up in a vegetative state in the hospital. However it was discovered that she had Magic Circuits, and after that she was kept alive as-is for research purposes. After a few years of experiencing continual pain and suffering, her physical body fin

2 days ago markrod20 : thanks for the stream i wish you a good sleep

2 days ago uiowebae : like wise

2 days ago Goophilia : that's sad story ui. still the girl is cute

2 days ago Goophilia : alrighty then, thank you for watching and see you later

2 days ago satorinoir : ty for streaming

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