1 month ago FairyCosmo : But sometimes its way tooblong lol

1 month ago soul : very long comics likes Area and incognitymous takes so long to get to the action, but supringly adds nice interactions

1 month ago soul : but still too long lol i want the sex now

1 month ago snipertomcat : comics like Area's are good but should be done in chapters and not filled with pointless scenes

1 month ago snipertomcat : Incognitymous is really good with his comics, especially his ben 10 and gravity falls comics

1 month ago snipertomcat : he draws them and the sex and even action well

1 month ago snipertomcat : but they tend to drag on too long with a tedious plotline and story

1 month ago FairyCosmo : I think im gonna quit now.. Thanks for watching :3 will post wips on my discord..

1 month ago snipertomcat : cool. much thanks fc

1 month ago FairyCosmo : ☺️

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