DKXG : Lol they want your money

justicar137 : damn gold diggers

justicar137 : rofl, playing rimworld as well.. newborn baby is "praying" lol

DKXG : Lol well mine decided to play some poker straight away. Then it went to fight a raging nuko and getting killed

DKXG : ...Why

DKXG : What happened to release them

DKXG : Alright, I'm done

DKXG : Time to sleep. Thanks for dropping by

justicar137 : later casual

justicar137 : unless you going back to the usual spot

Greetings. When I stream I usually will stream generic games that have been modded. I will also take in suggestions of game to stream, to which I will provide a list of the games I do own. I generally don't play H games, but can if enough people request one.

My frequently played games are League of Legends, PUBG, Stellaris, DW9, and Skyrim currently.

Small Game List

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