17 hours ago DKXG : Its like they weren't given the ability to attack

17 hours ago Solus : what mods you runnin that effect combat

17 hours ago DKXG : As far as enemy AI, I don't believe I have anything

17 hours ago DKXG : I need an example of a mod that changes combat

17 hours ago cetarn : revenge of the enemies

17 hours ago cetarn : is good

17 hours ago DKXG : I have mods like Ordinator and Imperious Racial

17 hours ago DKXG : I don't have any combat overhauling mods

16 hours ago DKXG : Alright, its almost 6am for me. So I'm gonna call it today/tonight

16 hours ago DKXG : Thanks everyone for dropping by

Greetings, I play usually whatever fancies me at the time. Usually it is Skyrim, Rimworld, or Stellaris. On occasion I will stream random h-games, of which I will provide a name of the game on screen and will have a link below if you wish to download the version I'm playing.

Keep yourself up-to-date with when and what I will stream by visiting this thread and following to receive notifications on when I will be streaming.

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