3 hours ago DKXG : Either that or they were supposed to be the scars from the fight

3 hours ago DKXG : Alright getting a drink . Don't forget to drop in on uio's, I think he might be getting lonley

3 hours ago DKXG : I think I'm gonna call it for today. I want to take a nap lol

3 hours ago Knossos : :chensmile: thanks for streaming a lot today

3 hours ago DKXG : @Knossos Happy? I streamed quite a bit for you lol

3 hours ago DKXG : Adios everyone and thanks for dropping by.

3 hours ago Knossos : don't forget to gather the lewds from that tresure hunting gme :chenblush:

3 hours ago DKXG : Lol

3 hours ago DKXG : There was like 4 or 5 left

3 hours ago Knossos : I liked the art a lot

Greetings, I'm pretty a variety streamer. I will tend to play w/e fancies me at the time. I frequently play: Skyrim, Stellaris, Dead Cells, Melody Escape, Rimworld, and a few others. I generally don't play anything H unless there is a huge desire for it. However Skyrim and Rimworld will have sexual content in them, they just won't be my priority.

2-19-19 stream list is: Treasure Hunter Eriru, Nekoronomicon, Dark Alley Elf and more.

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